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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CrimProf Robert Batey Comments on Nanny Cams

Batey_4From Daytona Beach News: Stetson University CrimProf Robert Batey recently commented on ababysitters' reactions to a Nanny Cams.

The discussion of Nanny Cams arose due to a Palm Coast case headed for trial in February, in which Brandon Jaffe, 16, was charged earlier this year with felony molestation after a hidden camera filmed him molesting two children he was baby-sitting, according to court documents.

Barbara Kline, who matches nannies with high-powered couples in Washington, D.C., through her agency White House Nannies, wrote about a sitter who becomes upset after finding out her employer hid a nanny cam in her bathroom and bedroom to spy on her. Her website,, states baby sitters often don't necessarily oppose the videotaping, they'd just like to know about it as a matter of trust and deception.

My first reaction to that is that he could have no constitutional objection to that," CrimProf Robert Batey said during a phone interview in St. Petersburg. Batey said that when Jaffe went into his employers' home, a personal space, he ran the risk that somebody might be videotaping him in that space. Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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