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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

PA Appoints First Dog Law Prosecutor in Effort to Stop Puppy Mills

PuppyFrom Former assistant district attorney Jeffrey Paladina is Pennsylvania's first special prosecutor for dog-law enforcement.

Much of his work on the new job will involve the administrative appeals of kennels that have had their state operating licenses revoked. He also expects to be involved in the state's proposed crackdown on unlicensed kennels. Mr. Paladina will also be prosecuting animal cruelty cases according to Jessie Smith, named to the newly created post of special deputy secretary for dog law enforcement.

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that have the dubious distinction of being targeted by a number of animal rights groups for operating puppy mills. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that raise hundreds of puppies -- or more -- per year. Such puppies are raised in kennels, not in the homes of the breeder. Critics charge that the puppies are not properly socialized or handled, which can result in personality and temperament problems, and do not receive good veterinary care.

The appointment of Mr. Paladina and Ms. Smith are part of what the governor earlier in October called "proposed sweeping changes to the state's dog law and related state regulations to improve the conditions under which dogs are bred and sold in Pennsylvania." 

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To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I recently purchased a pet from a breeder in Peach Bottom, PA. We had no idea what a puppy mill was until we brought our puppy home. Three days later the puppy was very sick. She was in a 24 hour care facility in Linwood, NJ. She was suffering from severe Parvo Disease. The breeder we bought from was CC Pets, LLC (Former Known As Puppy Love Kennels). Her name is Joyce Stoltzfus. After research the past two days along with the agony of the health of our dog I found that this woman and her husband Raymond have been systematically killing dogs since 1991. They sell dogs that are sick. They avoided the law in 2005 by changing their business name. This allows them to sell more dogs and have people sue their old company. The state of PA tried to bring 171 animal abuse complaints against them. Some of them stuck but since this woman changed her company name she can still sell dogs. Also last year a judge threw out 82 of 85 cases against this woman. How can all of these people in the past year be wrong? She has cleaned up her property and the pens that the dogs live in. This is how she avoids those state inspections. If these inspections consisted of testing the health of the dogs you would find, probably today, more than ½ of her dogs are suffering from Parvo. According to the doctor taking care of Maya, he told me that his medical experience leads him to believe that the entire kennel is infested with Parvo Disease.

We also believe that she is practicing medicine without a license and actively committing fraud by faking vet information. I have proof of this. We have proof that she forged her so called Vet’s signature. When we purchased our puppy she gave her medicine and vitamins before we left. I have recently found that there is no such thing as giving a dog a vitamin solution. I have also learned it is illegal for her to give worming medicine.

I beg someone from PA to help us. I have contacted everyone on God’s green earth for help. This woman, since August 2006, has sold at least 5 puppies that I could find through searching that have come down with Parvo. Some have died and some haven’t. This disgusting and vile person will continue to do this to people until someone from the government steps in and says enough is enough. Dogs are people, they just can’t speak. Please help us speak for them. Help us speak for Maya. After five days of premier care at South Jersey Veterinary Hospital we had to put Maya to sleep. Money we are not after. We are after justice. My wife and I have been in complete distress since Friday. If you have owned a pet before, lost a pet or been involved with a sick pet you know what I’m talking about.

Take her dogs away NOW. Don't let innocent people like us fall victim. The numbers of her victims is in the thousands. Victims are people, not just dogs. If you can’t save the dogs, save the people from the suffering.

If you need to get educated on Joyce & Raymond Stoltzfus, all you have to do is search Google.


Lewis, Stephanie & Maya Ostrander

Posted by: Lewis Ostrander | Nov 15, 2006 6:21:28 PM

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