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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CrimProf Sharon Dolovich Offers Her Opinion on Cali's Prison Reform

DolovichFrom UCLA Law CrimProf Sharon Dolovich offers some thoughts on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's reform plan for California prisons in a recent opinion article the LA Times. Here is a portion of the opinion:

"CALIFORNIA'S PRISONS are bursting at the seams, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest strategy for easing the pressure has hit a snag. The nonpartisan Legislative Counsel, which provides legal advice to state lawmakers, has issued an opinion concluding that the governor's plan to ship thousands of prisoners to private prisons out of state violates California's Constitution. This opinion buoyed the anti-privatization California Correctional Peace Officers Assn. (the state prison guards union), which has gone to court to try to stop the transfers.

"Let's hope the court sides with the union. Outsourcing the care of state prisoners to private, for-profit contractors, especially those located out of state, is a bad idea. Not only will the move do little to fix what is wrong with California's prisons, it will create a whole new set of problems that will outlast any short-term benefit.

"The most obvious problem is age-old: Who will watch the watchers? The contracts require contractors to comply with all California laws governing the treatment of prisoners, plus a host of other terms designed to ensure safe and secure facilities. But a signed contract is no guarantee of performance. Prison contractors make their money by spending less to run their prisons than the contract price. If they think no one is watching, they may well cut corners." Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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I would like to offer my opinions on prison reform and open a debate to all interested parties from the photographic savant mind of an 64 year old, medically retired ex-counterfeiter, who's bio is listed in marquis who's who in the midwest and american editions.

I was paroled from the federal prison system, February 5, 1973 to Cincinnati Ohio, the City Without Pity, to seek my fortune and fame. To those that respond to my email, I will supply my credentials, Cincinnati Enquirer articals featureing my former screen printing company, and my trade magazine Screen Printing, the magazine of technology and management, which featured me at Gibson Greeting Cards in Cincinnati, my association and friendship with the late great Helen Steiner Rice, inspirational poet laurete, of where I was hired to spearhead the screen printing division takeing that company from 30 million a year in sales to over 600 million a year by 1979 through the embellishments offered by screen process printing that cannot be had by any other printing process.

I became involved with the Seventh Step Foundation in Cincinnati pro-bono work to create jobs for pre-trial diversion offenders, ex convicts in the screen printing trades, and the chronic homeless issues in Cincinnati. Since going on medical retirement back in 1992, I have continued corrosponding with selected inmates, one gal named Roxanne who is incarcerated at Chowchilla in California for Women, who is a philosophy major. Of whom wrote me many letters about what life was like for those 5,000 ladies which is say the least.

Which is why I do not concur with Sharon Dolovich's opinion's in sideing with the prison unions. I've been following the news regarding "The Arnold's" subcontracting out those prisoners, of which he sent the bulk to tennessee of which Corrections Corporation of America won the contract. I relocated to Knoxville Tennessee six years ago from Cincinnati as I'm the husband/caregiver of my wife who has alzheimers, the long goodbye. Which requires my constant attention 24/7/365 the last 16 years now. This is my passion and hobby, I work from home pro-bono.

You can write to me at my home address: Donald D. Woods, 1703 Forrester Road, Knoxville Tennessee 37918, cellphone: 1-865-254-4035. I'm trained in Total Quality Management and ISO9001 conformance and compliance rules to achieve zero defects.

Here's some quotes to show you where the prevailing wisdom is NUTS....

There is little difference between organized religion and organized crime. They're both running scams. Exploiting the irrational passions of the masses, in order to filch power and wealth from the fools....from FREETHOUGHT, the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Madison Wisconsin.

There are no redeeming values in Christianity. It is a perversion of pure morality that constitutes the anti-christ. Thomas Jefferson.

For How can a person understand the Truth, when his salary get's in the way of them not understanding it....Upton Sinclair...the famous atheist who almost won the governship of California.

Democracy is Mob Rule so stated in Plato's Noble Lies of Religion. It's all about Mind Control ladies and gentlemen and my program I've developed and evolved over the years is entitled "Entrophy Gradient Reversal, The Art and Process of Perfection".

I'm a tennessee native, born and top down indoctrinated into the pentacostal religion down in Chattanooga. I owe all my fame, fortune and success to the atheists who took me under their wings and trained this grade school educated hillbilly and seventh son of a seventh son how to get ahead and on the straight and narrow. To Organized Religions, I owe NOTHING....For they are the one's responsible for destroying my marriage, my very successful company in Cincinnati, and my fortunes!!!

All Businessmen devoted to Total Quality Management will tell you, religions are totally incompatible with higher education and business. Cognitive Dissonance....They close the mind to question as well as analytical critical thinking skills, which is required for logical fact based conclusions.

I also have found atheists are as bad as fundlementalist christians in saying they have all the truths. I struggle constantly to maintain an OPEN MIND, given my research over the last 15 years in the fringe areas of science regarding the universial conscienceness, psychic phenomena, psychotronic's, portals to other dimensions, and malthusian economic's, which is a verifiable fact that 90% of the worlds exploding population will be depopulated of the useless eaters and those that shouldn't have been born given the modern view of eugenic's which is one of Warren Buffet's passions with his support of Planned Parenthood, that funds 2500 abortion clinic's & sterilization projects. Psychotronic beam weapons will offer a more benign pleasant way to die says Ed Mitchell, apollo 14 astronaut, in compareing it too lethal injection vs the electric chair. Bodies will be recycled, and fed to the lower castes when the challange for sustainable water and food resources become the next problem.

Your Turn.......respectfully submitted....Donald Woods.

Posted by: Donald DeWayne Woods | Dec 11, 2006 6:02:12 AM

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