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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Private Sector's Role in Combatting Crime in South Africa

Here's an article about the private sector's (specifically the group Business Against Crime (BAC's)) involvement in combatting crime in South Africa, most recently through leadership courses for the South African Police Services (SAPS) to improve its managment processes.  SAPS officials admit, the South African criminal justice system isn't just hindered by inadequate resources, but also, by a general lack of accountability--people just not doing their jobs and not working together.  But BAC and SAPS are working together to change that.

The partnership between BAC and SAPS isn't a new one.  In the past, BAC and SAPS have met behind closed doors, trying to avoid media interference, to implement several successful projects, including among others, the establishment of special anti-hijacking units and persuading car manufacturers (Nissan and Toyota) to employ cutting-edge micro-dot technology to prevent car theft and hijackings

BAC seeks to motivate everyday citizens to fight crime, as BAC's acronym has been used to stand for another of its latest missions, one with a pretty colorful title--(B**** About Crime).  By encouraging citizens to go ahead and, complain to the police about the criminal justice system's shortcomings and crime in general, BAC hopes the citizens and the police will, in time, always feel comfortable communicating and otherwise cooperating with each other on daily basis. [Michele Berry]

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