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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Texas: Project Pretty in Pink Blushes Would-be Criminals into Submission

If you've read the recent fashion magazines, you may have read that there's something "alluring" about the color pink.  Psychologically, it's known to have "calming effect."  It's complimentary to most skin tones, and a "man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive."

Well, Sheriff Clint Low of Mason County, Texas was either reading Mens Fashion or dabbling in psychology when he came up with this bright idea for deterring repeat offenders--he bought pink jumpsuits for inmates in the county jail and painted the inside of the jail pink. (No word as to whether that's pastel or neon). Since "Project Pretty in Pink" (not the real name), he has estimated that repeat crime is down 70 percent.  But if what they say is true and real men aren't afraid to wear pink, what does that say about the men in Texas!?  Just kidding. But, while I'm all for crime deterrence, I do find myself questioning whether the county jail color scheme and wardrobe is in the forefront of the true criminal mind. [Michele Berry]

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Sheriff Low is not the first sheriff to require inmates to wear pink. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, who is known for making inmates live in tents, is also known for making prisoners wear pink underwear. However, his idea for pink underwear reportedly originated as a means to stop the theft of the state-issued underwear.

The sheriff explains on his website:

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