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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

New York Law School CrimProf Sadiq Reza Recieves Tenure

Sadiq_rezaThe New York Law School Faculty and Board of Trustees recently voted tenure for CrimProf Sadiq Reza.

Professor of Law Sadiq Reza, an authority in criminal law and procedure, is a former public defender in Washington, D.C., and also an award-winning teaching fellow at Harvard who taught undergraduate courses in Islam and the modern Middle East.

He is the author of insightful articles on the right to privacy as it applies to criminal suspects and arrestees, and to the government’s widespread use of detention of immigrants after 9/11. He has been a wise and measured voice for justice in our nation’s response to terrorism.

Professor Reza’s current research and writing is in criminal law and procedure in Islamic law (sharia) and in countries of the contemporary Muslim world. In 2004–2005, he was a visiting researcher at the Islamic Legal Studies Program at Harvard LawSchool.

He is now at work on a study of search and seizure in Islamic law and a separate inquiry into torture and confessions in Islamic law, and is coauthoring a pathbreaking textbook for this field of legal study. [Mark Godsey]

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