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Monday, October 2, 2006

Does Your Cell Phone Scream?

There are some crazy ringtones out there, but soon you may hear cell phones screaming.  And if so, an alarm should go off in your head--stolen phone!  A new system, called Remote XT, available in the UK, has been designed to fight cell phone thieves one scream at a time, an ever increasing concern with all-in-one devices popping up all over the market.  Here's how it works.  Remote XT sends a signal to a handset reported lost or stolen, wiping data from the stolen phone, disabling it within two minutes, and causing it to emit an alarm similar to a scream.  The service is targeted at business customers and will be available on a number of smartphone devices, including several network branded HTC models, Nokia's E and N series handsets and the Sony Ericsson P990i.  But according to UK's Mobile Counter Intelligence Magazine, there's just one catch to the system's seeming ability to outwit thieves.  If the handset is reset, it is still possible to reprogram the phone.  Details here. . . [Michele Berry]

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