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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dallas Ex-Felon Job Fair Lacked Employers

From Dallas Morning  Recently, Dallas held an ex-felon job fair at the Martin Luther King Jr. Convention Center. Attendance, estimated in the thousands, overwhelmed the fair's 10 employers and its roster of faith-based groups and firms that help former felons clean up their records. Many of those who attended expressed gratitude for the job fair but lamented the small number of would-be employers and the types of jobs being offered.

Less than 10 percent of employers invited to the fair took part. The number of employers was so small that as people sweated outside and inside the recreation center, an occasional voice would come over the public address system asking people to leave the building so others could get access to the businesses.

"Look, I don't need a job at a Tom Thumb or Waffle House," said Leroy Johnson, one of the attendees. "Most of these businesses are just taking applications." Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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I have a son who is mildly mentaly impaired and was influenced to participate in illegal behavior. He served his time and suffered great inhuman treatment-no medication-no medical care in a timely manner- no dental care and treatment from the "guards" that would have put them in jail if they had treated animals that way. Now he has been out of jail for over 1 year and no one will hire him (convicted felon) Not only did he get punished for his crime, but he is still being punished. His father and I are also being punished. At a time when we should be able to relax and retire, we have to keep working so that our adult child can live with us. We are supporting him. He does not ask for much, he feels so bad to ask us. What kind of society is this that when we (United States Citizens) make a mistake there is NEVER a chance of having a normal life again? Yet, any number of people from other countries come here every day and who knows what they were doing in their past lives. They qualify for jobs, assistance and grants. This is a terrible injustice. And yes, what my son did was a terrible injustice to the people he stole from, but why bother to send them to prison to punish and re-habilitate just to have them get out and find there is no chance to make their mistake right to society by becoming a meaningfull member of said society? Is there no United States employers (Texas) that will take a stand here? We all complain about crime, but you can believe that I, as a law abiding citizen who pays the tax for people who have commited a crime to be locked up, would much rather see them with a job when they get out of prison, than without one!

Posted by: Tammie Dyer | Mar 15, 2007 4:13:26 PM

Can I get the telephone number for the jobline in
dallas and ft worth for ex-felons.

Posted by: sheba | Apr 15, 2007 8:12:45 AM

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