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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bribery and Smuggling may be Increasing at Mexican Border

Frm Federal law enforcement officials are investigating a series of bribery and smuggling cases in what they fear is a sign of increased corruption among officers who patrol the Mexican border.

Authorities say two factors are causing concern that large problems may develop: The massive buildup of Border Patrol agents in recent years has led to worries that hiring standards have been lowered; and, as smugglers demand higher and higher fees to bring illegal immigrants into the United States, their efforts to bribe those guarding the border have intensified.

There is more pressure than ever on smuggling networks to find agents who will work with them," said Andrew Black, an FBI special agent with the multiagency Border Corruption Task Force in San Diego. "As a result, there's tremendous temptation for someone who is less than honest to work with them. Someone who is working on the border can make their salary in a couple of nights."

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