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Saturday, June 10, 2006

States Combat Meth Manufacturers Through Internet Registries

With the number of seized meth labs continuing to increase in some regions across the country, several states are fighting back by creating Internet registries for methamphetamine manufacturers.

Tennessee brought the nation’s first such registry online in 2005, and it now carries information on almost 400 convicted meth manufacturers, according to the State Bureau of Investigations. The registry is posted on a publicly accessible Web site and was established in response to complaints from residents and from landlords whose property had been damaged or destroyed by meth production.

In Illinois, Governor Rod Blagojevich recently signed a law creating a convicted meth manufacturer registry. State Senator William R. Haine said the Illinois meth registry will primarily be used to help law enforcement by reducing the time and expense of searching through conviction records rather than to inform the public about meth manufacturers in the area.

At least four states: Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington, and West Virginia, have bills pending that would create a meth-maker registry. An Oregon bill would require the state to alert residents, through an Internet registry or other means, when a convicted meth maker is released from prison into their area. Montana has included meth makers in its sexual and violent offender registry since 2003. More. . . [Mark Godsey]

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