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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crim Prof Brigette Siff Holmes named "Lawyer of the Year"

Holmes_1Crim Prof Brigette Siff Holmes, director of the Social Justice Institute at Franklin Pierce Law Center, was recently named "Lawyer of the Year" by the Merrimack County Bar Association. The award is made annually to a member of the Association "who makes a remarkable contribution to improve the well-being of the citizens of the county, state or nation and those contributions are above and beyond the ordinary attorney."

Attorney Siff Holmes was honored for her long record of public service, and "because Siff Holmes, and the body of work she promotes, touches the lives of ordinary people in very fundamental ways."

Prior to moving to New Hampshire, Siff Holmes served as a public defender in Alaska. From 1988 to 1992, she worked in New Hampshire representing many indigent clients. Siff Holmes joined Pierce Law in June 2000. As director of the Social Justice Institute, she spends much of her time encouraging students to pursue careers in public interest law, and is active in raising funds to support the Institute and its programs. [Mark Godsey]

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