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Friday, April 28, 2006

Attention Boulder Residents: ID Dope Smokers, Get Paid

The University of Colorado police closed down the field where the annual smoke-in was to be held, posting signs, barricades and ushers to keep the kids out.  The signs even warned that video surveillance was in use.  Well, it was.  Now, the University is offering rewards for the identities of those who crossed the line and lit up.  Now, I think it would be hard to charge them with possession; the evidence is up in smoke, and it is hard to identify marijuana from a photograph--it could be tobacco.  But, they surely could charge them with trespass based on a photo, and it looks like they will.  (Thanks to BoingBoing).

Too bad they are not little old ladies charged with blocking a recruiting station to protest the war--evidently, that's legal. (And here's Dan Filler on Medical Marijuana) [Jack Chin]

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Well, legal is a bit slippery, of course. In Mass, if they were charged with being a disorderly person, one of the elements is "with no legitimate purpose." Political dissent is considered legitimate, hemp dissent... less so, I expect.

Posted by: Leo | Apr 30, 2006 10:58:38 PM

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