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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Track Lateral LawProf Moves with Dan Filler of Concurring Opinions

FillerCongratulations to Alabama CrimProf Dan Filler on becoming a permanent blogger with Concurring Opinions.  As part of his services on the blog, he will be tracking ALL law school lateral movements, a service similar to but more expansive than Brian Leiter's Law School Reports, who limits his tracking services to faculty moving to/from schools that figure in his faculty rankings.

So please submit your news about law school lateral movement including the following information to

Current School
Future School
Teaching Areas
Current Law School Webpage Address
Any Other Details (chair or administrative titles, etc.)

He calls the new service "hazing" to the "new kid on the blog."  We call it helpful.  Thanks to Professor Filler! [Mark Godsey]

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