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Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Violence Against Children Act

Cardozo LawProf Marci Hamilton, has proposed and drafted the Violence Against Children Act, to address the ongoing conflict between the Catholic church and the law on childhood sexual abuse.  She writes: "It is time for Congress to hold hearings and become involved in an issue of such national magnitude. Neither this Church nor any other organization can solve its internal problems with pedophiles on its own. And the states are moving glacially...[This] national law...calls for a national registry of convicted and accused child abusers, culled from criminal prosecution and civil litigation; the reduction of federal spending on health care for any state that fails to abolish the statute of limitations relating to childhood sexual abuse or to enact a window whereby past victims may seek justice; the denial of tax-exempt status for any charitable organization that fosters or covers up child abuse; and amendment of the federal RICO laws to cover an organization's reckless endangerment of children resulting in childhood sexual abuse." Hamilton's full column from . . [Mark Godsey]

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