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Monday, February 27, 2006

Quoted CrimProfs

Stanford CrimProf Robert Weisberg and Cal-Berkeley CrimProf Charles Weisselberg are quoted in this article from the San Jose Mercury News, about a judge's order to suppress fibers collected from a car in a murder case.  The judge ruled that the police exceeded the scope of their search warrant by confiscating a car believed to contain evidence related to the murder, after they failed to find anything to arouse their suspicions in a previous search.

South Carolina CrimProf Kenneth Gaines is quoted in this this article from in South Carolina about law enforcement's efforts to prosecute prominent members of the community, including doctors and lawyers, thought to have been clients of a prostitution operation that was busted last week.

Drake CrimProf Bob Rigg is quoted in this article from the DesMoines Register about the use of pictures posted on and blogs to help solve a hit and run murder of an Iowa State University student.

Stetson CrimProf Robert Batey is quoted in this article from about taped interviews with a murder suspect that were leaked into the media. [Mark Godsey]

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