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Thursday, February 9, 2006

"NSA Kabuki Theatre": Commentary on the NSA Wiretap Hearings

Commentary from Findlaw: "In 1993, during President Clinton's first term, the Democrat-controlled House held a hearing on the Waco Branch Davidian tragedy, which had resulted in the death of several dozen men, women and children. The hearing, was a farce: a virtual lovefest, during which members of the Clinton Administration responded to softball questions from their colleagues in the House with superficial answers, and Republican queries were ignored or glossed over with disdain, if not outright contempt.

More than a dozen years later, with the White House and Congress once again in the grip of a single Party, and another matter of great seriousness facing the Congress - NSA spying on American citizens -- where are we?  Thus far, if it's not "déjà vu, all over again," it's pretty darn close. [But some important facts did come through]." Full column from Findlaw. . . [Mark Godsey]

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