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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ohio State Seeks Commentaries

From Joshua Dressler: The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law still has room for a few Commentaries for our Fall 2006 issue. As you hopefully know by now, the Commentary section is for relatively short, relatively lightly footnoted, essays on ANY criminal procedure topic, in almost any genre (provocative; humorous; etc.). Maybe a Commentary on the current debate over President Bush's Executive Order permitting electronic surveillance----maybe we can get a "it is legal" and "no it is not" faceoff. Or, maybe a Commentary on some pedagogical matter (we don't teach the right issues in criminal law or criminal procedure?; casebooks have got it all wrong?). Or maybe a Commentary on Chief Justice Rehnquist's impact on criminal procedural law. Or maybe a humorous essay on . . . well, you name it. Essentially this is a chance to write on some subject that wouldn't fit the usual law journal because of the topic, or the informality of your approach, or its brevity. We also remain interested in Reviews---of books, of criminal justice in the arts, etc. Inquiries and submissions should go to <>.

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