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Monday, July 4, 2005

Canada: Hells Angels is a Criminal Organization

Under Canadian law, crimes done for the benefit of a criminal organization are more severely punished.  A judge in Canada recently held that Hell's Angels of Canada was such an organization, and sentenced the members before her accordingly. [Jack Chin]

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Howard Beach Attacker Had History

One of those arrested in an alleged bias attack in Howard Beach, NY was arrested on September 11, 2001 for firing paintballs at worshippers at a Sikh temple, and was serving 5 years probation for stabbing a 15 year old girl in 2002. Meanwhile the robbery of an Asian woman in New York is being investigated as a possible hate crime. [Jack Chin]

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Hofstra CrimProf Alafair Burke's Latest Crime Novel

Law_burkeCongratulations to CrimProf Alafair Burke, for publishing the latest entry in her Samantha Kinkaid series, called Close Case (Henry Holt).  Professor Burke, a former deputy district attorney, also wrote Missing Justice and Judgment Calls.  [Jack Chin]

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OH: Planned Parenthood Avoids Charges for Girl's Abortion

In Cincinnati, Planned Parenthood avoided criminal charges after providing an abortion to a 14 year old with false parental consent.  The girl provided the name of her 21 year old boyfriend instead of her parents on the form.  Ohio's parental notification law is unenforced because of an injunction. [Jack Chin]

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UK: New Laws Target Animal Protests

Story here. [Jack Chin]

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45 Arrested in California Brothel Bust

Most of the prostitutes were immigrants; authorities are investigating whether their service was compelled. Story here. [Jack Chin]

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Pot Clubs Outnumber McDonalds in SF

..they even outnumber McDonalds and Burger Kings together.  Starbucks, of course, outnumbers them all.  Story . . . [Mark Godsey]

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Confession in Jessica Lunsford Case Problematic

Transcripts of the police interrogation show that the suspect, John Couey, asked for an attorney 3 times prior to confessing.  Each time, the police blew it off.  Sounds like this high-profile confession is out the door.  [Mark Godsey]

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Analyzing O'Connor's Retirement

Talkleft has several posts collecting comments from around the blogosphere on O'Connor's retirement here.  Here's University of Arizona law dean Toni Massaro on Justice O'Connor's retirement, and on the class Justice O'Connor will teach at Arizona next year.  And here Arizona's RonNell Anderson Jones, Berkeley's John Yoo, and Stanford's Pam Karlan talk about Justice O'Connor's legacy.

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