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Monday, January 10, 2005

Why Thomas Won't Be the Next Chief Justice

The Volokh Conspiracy has the post here.  [Mark Godsey]

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

Strip Search Epidemic in Australia

Australians are outraged over evidence obtained through FOIA requests which demonstrate that Queensland police conducted strip searches at the rate of 1 per hour last year.  Common offenses for which strip searches were conducted include parking tickets and train tickets.  For example, "Lauren Lucas, 19, who was ordered to 'flash' her body, remove her underwear and squat after being detained over an unpaid parking ticket.  Michelle Rogerson, 39, was stripped when she went to pay a parking fine.  Another woman was awarded almost $200,000 after she was wrongly arrested then told to 'waddle like a duck' during a strip-search."  A number of lawsuits alleging improper strip suits were recently filed, prompting a local media outlet to make the FOIA request.  More . . .  [Mark Godsey]

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Taiwan Passes Law to Phase Out Death Penalty

The China Post reports that the Taiwan legislature recently passed its most comprehensive rewrite of the criminal code in more than 70 years. Included in the law is a measure that will gradually phase out the death penalty in that country.  Story . . .  [Mark Godsey]

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Street Justice for Rapists in India

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Indian women, tired of the non-response of the legal system to sex crimes, have started killing men accused of rape. [Jack Chin].

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The "Other" Celebrity Trials of 2004

The's comic list of celebrity trials in 2004 here.  [Mark Godsey]

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France Experimenting with "Chemical Castration" for Sex Offenders

France has recently begun giving chemical treatment to repeat sex offenders to see if it will lower their drive to reoffend.  Currently, only those who volunteer for the "chemical castration" are being given the drugs.  But the plan, however, may be to make the procedure mandatory for repeat offenders if it the pilot program is successful.  The chemicals being tested dampen sex drive and interfere with erections, and wear off when the treatment stops, returning the recipient to his normal state.  Full story. . .  [Mark Godsey]

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