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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Trial Underway for Enron Tech Execs

From NPR:  "A trial for five former executives of Enron's Internet technology division begins Monday in Houston. They are charged with artificially inflating stock prices in 1999 by lying about the company's broadband Internet network's capabilities and benefiting from selling their own stocks."  Listen to the NPR story here.  [Mark Godsey]

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

DE Starts Witness Protection Program

Patterned after the federal program, Delaware now offers witnesses the opportunity to start a new life in or out of Delaware if they fear retribution. [Jack Chin]

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Susan Estrich on Michael Jackson and Prior Bad Acts

Here. [Jack Chin]

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Supreme Court Grants Review in Two Crim Cases

Supreme_court_16U.S. Law Week notes that the Supreme Court granted review in two criminal cases yesterday:

1. Maryland v. Blake, No. 04-373  -- When a police officer improperly communicates with an in-custody suspect after the suspect has invoked his right to counsel, does the rule of Edwards v. Arizona, 451 U.S. 477 (1981), against reinitiation of custodial interrogation permit consideration of curative measures taken by the police to conclude that a suspect's later initiation of communications with the police was voluntary?

2. Georgia v. Randolph, No. 04-1067 -- When two persons have equal use and control of a residence, may one occupant give the police permission to conduct a warrantless search of the common areas of the premises over the objection of the other occupant?  [Mark Godsey]

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The Rankings Racket

Here's an article about the U.S. News rankings and how schools are playing the numbers game.  Here's some details about a recent symposium on law school rankings.  [Mark Godsey]

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Former Prosecutor to be Sentenced for Murdering Professor-Spouse

A former San Marcos, TX prosecutor has been convicted of killing her husband, a communications professor at the University of Richmond.  Sentence is pending. [Jack Chin]

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CrimProfs in the News

Wayne State CrimProf Peter Henning talked about the challenges facing the new U.S. Attorney in Detroit after the high-profile failure of a terrorism prosecution. Touro CrimProf Richard Klein commented on the implications of rap artists making profits off prison recordings. Houston CrimProf David Dow commented on the failure of the Texas legislature to create regional crime labs. Wisconsin CrimProf Frank Tuerkheimer discussed "John Doe" grand jury investigations in connection with a story about a former Wisconsin prosecutor now serving time for bribery.  Ohio State CrimProf Peter Swire states that he does not want to be videotaped every time he scratches himself on a public street. [Jack Chin]

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Cardinal Accused of Kidnapping

An Argentine Cardinal named as a potential Pope has been named in a criminal complaint accusing him of involvement in a 1976 kidnapping.  Story here. [Jack Chin]

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Rap Song about Car Stop

On the CrimProf listserv, LSU's Stuart Green shared the existence of Jay-Z's rap song 99 Problems, which is in part the tale of a traffic stop.  Here are the lyrics. [Jack Chin]

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National Security Stories


Airport Security No Better Now Than Before 9/11
Two upcoming government reports will say the quality of screening at airports is no better now than before the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a House member who has been briefed on the contents.  “A lot of people will be shocked at the billions of dollars we’ve spent and the results they’re going to see, which confirm previous examinations of the Soviet-style screening system we’ve put in place,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., told The Associated Press on Friday.  Story here

Lasers to Protect D.C.
The U.S. government will launch a system next month that uses a ring of laser lights around the Washington area to alert all pilots who breach restricted airspace.  Story here.

Bush Backs Off Plan To Require Passports at Borders
Plans requiring passports from people entering the United States don’t pass muster with President Bush, who has ordered a review of this border security effort amid fears it would impede legal travel from Canada, Mexico and other U.S. neighbors.  Story here.  [Mark Godsey]

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DNA Dragnet Produces Results

From  "After a three-year investigation that included taking random DNA samples from men in one Cape Cod town, authorities have charged a man in the stabbing death of fashion writer Christa Worthington.  Worthington was found dead in January 2002 in her home on the outer edge of Cape Cod. Her then-2-year-old daughter was clutching her corpse, but was unharmed.  The slaying made national headlines, inspired a best-selling book and stirred a civil liberties controversy when police began collecting random, voluntary DNA samples from men in the small town where Worthington lived.  The long hunt for a suspect ended Thursday with the arrest of 33-year-old Christopher M. McCowen, who was the slain woman's trash collector. McCowen was charged Friday with murder and rape. He pleaded innocent and was ordered held without bail.

McCowen was linked to the crime by a DNA sample he voluntarily gave investigators last year. The sample was matched to semen recovered from Worthington's body after the rape, prosecutors said."  Full story . . .  [Mark Godsey]

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Big Easy Liable for $1.9 Million From DA's Firings

In January 2003, Eddie Jordan took office as the Big Easy's new DA and cleaned house.  Now the City of New Orleans is stuck with a $1.9 million damages bill for the unlawful terminations.   Listen to the NPR story here.  [Mark Godsey]

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting

A public hearing was held on a proposal to allow the hunting of feral cats, who kill small animals.  We at CrimProfBlog oppose this.  [Jack Chin] UPDATE: Looks like it is not going anywhere.

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You Never Hear About the Successful Coverups

Sometimes hunkering down works, says this column discussing the Sandy Berger and Tom Delay cases. [Jack Chin]

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TIAA-CREF hires Fraudster

TIAA-CREF hired Sonia Radencovich four days after she was convicted of fraud under the name of Sonia Howe; she was the lover and co-conspirator of Martin Frankel.  Sonia worked for two months on Harvard, Michigan and Purdue accounts, bringing a laptop to work an downloaded files.  What she did with the information is not clear; after two months, she had to leave to begin her sentence. [Jack Chin]

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Drake Legal Clinic Successes

Drake Law School students working at the University’s Criminal Defense Clinic were rewarded with reversed convictions in a number of their recent cases.  Press release here.  [Mark Godsey]

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