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Monday, November 21, 2005

Law Schools and Urban Danger

A group has published a list of the most dangerous and least dangerous cities; story here.  By my count, the Ten Most Dangerous cities are home to over a dozen ABA accredited law schools.  The Ten Least Dangerous cities have a total of two law schools.  Perhaps this means that whatever else might induce governments and universities to start law schools, the needs of the criminal justice system are one.

The Ten Most Dangeorus Cities and their Law Schools:

Camden, New Jersey. Law School: Rutgers, Camden
Detroit, Michigan. Law school: Wayne State, University of Detroit-Mercy
St. Louis, Missouri. Law School: Wash U., St. Louis U.
Flint, Michigan. Law School: None
Richmond, Virginia. Law School: U. Richmond.
Baltimore, Maryland. Law Schools: U. Baltimore, U. Maryland.
Atlanta, Georgia. Law Schools: Georgia State; Emory
New Orleans, Louisiana. Law Schools: Loyola, Tulane.
Gary, Indiana. Law School: None.
Birmingham, Alabama. Law School: Samford.

The Ten Least Dangerous Cities:

Newton, Massachusetts. Boston College Law School.
Clarkstown, New York. No Law School.
Amherst, New York. No Law School.
Mission Viejo, California. No Law School.
Brick Township, New Jersey. No Law School.
Troy, Michigan. No Law School.
Thousand Oaks, California. No Law School.
Round Rock, Texas. Law School: U. Texas.
Lake Forest, California. No Law School.
Cary, North Carolina. No Law School.

[Jack Chin]

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Boston College's law school is in Newton. [Right you are--the post has been corrected. J.C.]

Posted by: Alfred Brophy | Nov 22, 2005 7:55:23 AM

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