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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Georgetown Future Law Profs Fellowship

Since 1989, Georgetown University Law Center’s Graduate Fellowship Program for Future Law Professors has worked to expand the avenues available to aspiring law professors, and to increase the diversity of the law teaching profession, by attracting top law school graduates and lawyers who bring underrepresented perspectives to the development of legal scholarship.  Each year, the Law Center offers the fellowship to an individual who shows outstanding aptitude for independent legal research and a strong desire to teach law. As demonstrated by the diversity of our own faculty, the Law Center values the contribution that diverse experiences and viewpoints make to a well-rounded legal education, and is committed to mentoring aspiring law professors. 

The Future Law Professors program has been designed to permit a flexibility that takes advantage of each candidate’s individual strengths.  During their 18 months in residence at Georgetown, fellows will have opportunities to:

-Work with a single faculty mentor;
-Identify an area of scholarly interest and expertise—providing a head start in the single most difficult task for any new law teacher;
-Watch faculty mentors teach, and discuss teaching techniques with them;
-Engage, with faculty mentor approval, in actual classroom teaching;
-Participate in the rich mixture of scholarly symposia, invited lectures, and brown bag seminars for Georgetown faculty;
-Complete a piece of published research before entering the job market;
-Obtain faculty recommendations for law teaching jobs that utilize the existing academic network.

Past Future Law Professor fellows have gone on to become tenured or tenure track faculty at distinguished universities, including Albany, Catholic, University of Florida, Fordham University, University of Illinois, University of Indiana, Notre Dame University, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.

Both practicing lawyers and recent law school graduates holding a J.D. from an ABA-accredited law school are eligible to be considered as Future Law Professors (foreign-trained lawyers are not eligible for the program).  We seek applicants who have demonstrated an outstanding aptitude for independent legal research (either through prior research as a law student or legal experience after law school), and who also have varied intellectual interests and may wish to pursue legal research ranging across the full spectrum of legal theory.

Fellows have two options for when they choose to start the program.  A fellow may choose to begin the program in January and spend until June of the following year in residence; or to start in August and finish in December of the following year.  Within this timeframe, the fellow will be able to complete at least six months of research and writing prior to the beginning of the law school hiring season; and, during the 18 months, will also have enough time to complete a substantial piece of published scholarship.

The Fellowship offers a tuition waiver, eligibility for staff health insurance, and a stipend of approximately $54,000 over the 18-month period.

To apply, candidates must submit the following materials to the Graduate Admissions Office by December 1, 2005:
Completed Georgetown University Law Center LL.M application (including all required supplementary materials); 
Completed Georgetown University Law Center Future Law Professors Program Application Form; 
Resume; and
Detailed research proposal 10 to 15 pages in length. The application deadline is December 1, 2005. Applications postmarked after this date may not be considered.  Application information and materials are available through our website at

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