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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Case CrimProf Scharf Blames the Victims

After a second lawyer was killed in the Saddam Hussein trial, there is some consideration of changing the venue out of Iraq.  But Professor Scharf says the killings are in part the fault of the lawyers:  "The defense attorneys in part brought this tragic situation upon themselves when they elected to have their faces and identities broadcast during the first day of the trial," said Scharf, professor and director of Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University, in an interview. "Now they are seeking to exploit the tragic -- but not unforeseeable -- murders of their colleagues in an attempt to derail the proceedings." Fascinating for two reasons.  First, are there really defense lawyers willing to die for their clients?  I mean I liked my clients, and wanted to do a good job, but no matter how much it would have helped the case, that definitely would have been out of the question.  Second, things must be really bad in Iraq if every fool is expected to know that if you reveal your name in some official context, why then, of course, you have to anticipate being killed.  Story here. [Jack Chin]

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