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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

A Campaign for Surveillance Cameras

From "In August, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced a deal in which the aeronautics giant Lockheed Martin lead a group of contractors in installing a $212 million, 1,000-camera surveillance system in the city's subway stations. The agreement, which also included 3,000 motion sensors and cellphone service in many stations, came on the heels of the London subway bombings in July.

But in Forest Hills, Queens, residents have long clamored for cameras. And they are still wondering when, or if, cameras will be installed, and why other stations have received cameras when theirs haven't." 

The simple answer, lack of funds.  But Community Council members in Queens are campaigning for the cameras; they point to a string of crimes in Queens subway stations that could have been resolved much sooner if they had cameras to catch people in the act. [Mark Godsey]

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