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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Illustrious Arizona Supreme Court

University of Chicago CrimProf Geoffrey Stone observed at the Arizona Bar Convention in Tucson last week that at 60% the Arizona Supreme Court may have the highest percentage of former U.S. Supreme Court clerks of any tribunal in the nation.  Chief Justice Ruth McGregor clerked for Justice O'Connor; Justice Andrew Hurwitz clerked for Justice Stewart, and Justice (designate) Scott Bales also clerked for Justice O'Connor.  The other members are also exceptionally distinguished: Justice Michael Ryan was in the Marine Corps in Vietnam before being medically retired for combat wounds, and since served at every level of the Arizona judicial system.  With over 80 foster children, he warrants a special "Happy Father's Day" wish; as someone who has accomplished everything he has while getting around by wheelchair, he is an inspiration.  Justice Rebecca White Berch was Arizona's Solicitor general, First Assistant Attorney General, and a law professor before being joining the court.  In case you are wondering, Arizona's judges are appointed. [Jack Chin]

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