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Friday, June 24, 2005

Homer Simpson and the Law

We previously blogged here about how the TV show The Simpsons is full of legal gems.  Now Homer Simpson will help law students in the UK learn the law.

From Yahoo News:  "London, Jun 10 (ANI): Homer J. Simpson, a popular character from hit TV show 'The Simpsons', will now help students prepare for A-level law courses.  According to the Mirror, clips from the show would be shown to the students and they would be asked to analyse Homer's illegal tricks - how they would be viewed in court.  "Nobody breaks the law quite as much as Homer in The Simpsons - and he always seems to get away with it. In real life, someone who commits as many crimes would be in prison. So it's a bit of fun with a serious side to it," the paper quoted course director Gary Durrant as saying."  Story . . . [Mark Godsey]

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