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Monday, June 13, 2005

Family Crime Down

From  "Child abuse and other forms of violence involving families fell by more than half between 1993 and 2002, in line with the decline in crime overall, the government said Sunday.  The rate of family violence fell from about 5.4 victims to 2.1 victims per 1,000 residents age 12 and older, according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

The study by the Justice Department agency found that:

  • 73 percent of victims were female.
  • 75 percent of offenders were male.
  • most of all family violence happened in or near the victim’s home.
  • 74 percent of victims were white.
  • most victims were between 25 and 54.
  • 79 percent of offenders were white; most were at least 30.

Esta Soler, president of the Family Violence Prevention Fund, said the report “offers a ray of hope that our nation is finally on the right track in addressing the violence that devastates so many families in this country.  “But our work is not nearly done. Domestic, dating and family violence are still taking a terrible toil,” she said."  Story here.  [Mark Godsey]

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