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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Exoneration Roundup

After fighting DNA testing for ten years, prosecutors in a New Jersey case now say the no-hit result might be overturned by testing other samples.  Of course, couldda done that ten years ago.  A Washington State Patrol forensic employee is appealing his firing, based on testimony leading to several wrongful convictions while working in Montana. A UK court exonerated a man convicted of arson 18 years ago, saying his claim of police frame should have been investigated at the time.  Here's an editorial on the WIllingham case, a possible instance of wrongful execution in Texas.   Here's a story on exonerated people trying to reintegrate into free society after decades in prison.  Another story on DNA backlogs.  Here's a case where the death turned out to be accidental not a homicide.  [Jack Chin]

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