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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Assisted Suicide?

A 14 year-old girl shot and killed her 56 year-old father, claiming she shot the fatal bullet to end his pain after finding him suffering from the self-inflicted gunshot wounds of his failed suicide attempt.  The girl is being held without bond while her claim is investigated.  The family's neighbors in Boulder, CO describe the household as "not quite right."  MSNBC reports: (Neighbor Cathy Miller) "described the home as a prison of sorts, saying the girl and her older brother were rarely seen outside after they returned from school on the bus...'I think they lived in fear,' Miller said.  'All I could think of is just that (the girl) had had it.'"  "I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to cross him in any way," commented Alan Patrick, another neighbor.  Law enforcement officials in Boulder, CO became suspicious of the girl's possible role in the shooting after she first explained her father's death as a suicide, then later admitted that she shot him after finding him wounded from a failed suicide attempt.  So far, no suicide note has been discovered.  The full story... [Mark Godsey]

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