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Friday, March 11, 2005

CrimProfs Comment on the News

U Maryland CrimProf Doug Colbert commented on the admission of other bad acts evidence in the molestation trial of a defrocked priest; under the circumstances, it created an issue for appeal he said.  Texas CrimProf Jordan Steiker spoke about the Supreme Court's application of global standards in death penalty cases.  Also from UT, Charles Silver commented on a doctor's decision to represent herself in a criminal appeal. "There are reasons why people use lawyers in court," said Silver, who is not familiar with this case. "Lawyers know how to do it better."  Southwestern CrimProf Robert Pugsley commented on Robert Blake's decision not to take the stand in his murder trial. GW's Paul Butler comments on the case of a former Senate staffer asking for a criminal investigation, alleging that unfair outside influences caused his failure to be hired by--get this--a lobbying firm.  [Jack Chin]

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