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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Prominent DA in Texas Arrested for Possessing Meth and Coke

. . . and an illegal firearm on top of the dope.  The defendant, Rick Roach, is several days into his second term as DA of five counties in Texas.  His secretary has also stated that she has seen him ingest meth.   More . . .  [Mark Godsey] UPDATE: The've found 35 guns in his home and office.  Ascording to the AP, "Federal prosecutor Christy Drake wouldn't discuss whether Roach owned the guns legally, whether they were evidence from criminal cases Roach's office handled, or why Roach had so many guns. "The origin of those guns I can't really comment on, other than to say they traveled in interstate commerce," Drake said."  Translation: He's getting charged for the guns. [Jack Chin]

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