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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

CrimNews of the Wierd

Should Have Used Fixodent
A 43-year old man admitted to breaking into a hospital cafeteria in Karlshamn, Sweden, 370 miles south of Stockholm.  The police, however, did not really need his confession, as the suspect's false teeth, engraved with his social security number, apparently fell from his mouth and were discovered at the scene of the crime.  The full story here and here

Bird Thieves Sing Like Canaries
Here's a story about a couple who stole six exotic birds from an aquarium outside of Cincinnati.  Workers were able to identify the thieves by watching surveillance video.  Quick on their feet, the workers decided to attend an exotic bird show the next day in a neighboring suburb hoping to find the thieves.  Just as expected, the thieves showed up sans birds, were confronted, and confessed.  The birds are now safe at home back at the aquarium.  [Mark Godsey]

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