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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

CrimProf Acquitted of Charges Arising from Columbus Day Protest

Georgia State CrimProf Natsu Saito was acquitted of charges arising from a protest against a Columbus Day parade in Denver.  According to the Denver Post,

"Defense lawyers David Lane and Jim Castle asked the jury to acquit the eight of a charge of failing to obey a lawful police order "because it is the right thing to do."

They said the parade celebrated the demise of Native Americans and was ethnically intimidating to all American Indians, especially their children.

Eric Ruderman, a lawyer and jury foreman, said the main reason for the not-guilty verdicts was the jury's finding that the parade contained "strong elements of ethnic intimidation" directed at Native Americans.

"All we heard was that Native Americans definitely felt there was a strong element of ethnic intimidation," Ruderman said.

Ruderman added that if intimidation continues, the parade should no longer be held." [Jack Chin]

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Here we go again. Another year, another chance for Leftist hatemongers to bash and badmouth Columbus day. They view it as a day of infamy when those "evil Europeans" came to the New World.

It makes you wonder -- why exactly we are supposed to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month , then? The Spanish were the first to arrive, and Spanish culture wiped out much of the native culture. Our Leftist loudmouths have some strange racial (and racist) hierarchy going on. Conquistadors = okay. Pilgrims = monsters. (As an aside, this parallels the demonizing of the Puritans' religiosity as crazed extremism, while lauding Muslim's far greater piety as "their culture" which should be "respected".)

Second, none of these bigots is ready to correct the "mistake" of human migration and give up the deeds of their house to some American Indian tribes and pack up for the Old World. I guess that would spoil the fun of the ritual badmouthing, whining, demonizing, preaching and the feeling of superiority that comes every year on Columbus Day.

Posted by: PCBigotsSuck | Oct 5, 2006 5:13:55 PM

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