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Monday, February 14, 2005


WhiteCollarCrimeProf reports on an NACDL resolution urging Congress to gather facts before reforming the Sentencing Reform Act in the wake of Booker. At the meeting where the resolution was adopted, Judge Nancy Gertner and former NACDL president Irwin Schwartz discussed procedural changes that might follow Booker, including judges recording their reasons for departing, and defense lawyers writing proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law to explain particular sentences. CrimLaw, Item 7 has a link to a story suggesting that the smoking gun in the Michael Jackson case might turn into the bloody gloves of the new century: Maybe the victim's fingerprints on the porn magazine got there when the witness handled the exhibit when testifying before the grand jury, and an interesting case in the Virginia Supreme Court raising the question of whether a warrantless misdemeanor arrest illegal under state law requires application of the exclusionary rule.  GritsForBreakfast has a BIG post on snitching.  TalkLeft reports on a study showing declining public support for the death penalty.  The ConfrontationBlog has an updated outline of post-Crawford cases. Crime and Federalism has an interesting post on the first Congress and crime. [Jack Chin]

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