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Saturday, January 29, 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

A man who robbed a convenience store in Minnesota was caught when he returned a few minutes later to reclaim the gun that the store clerk had snatched from his hand during the robbery.  In Michigan, a woman was convicted of DUI after having had too much Listerine.  Listerine contains 27% alcohol.  In NC, a man who was prounced dead at the scene was taken to the morgue, where the coroner noticed that he was breathing faintly.  The man was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.  Here's a story about some kids who drew suspicion when they started showing up before school at a convenience store to buy candy with $100 bills.  Turns out, one of the youngsters had run across tens of thousands of dollars from a drug dealer's stash.  A police officer in London says he has the cure for high crime rates:  getting the public to read more Jane Austen novels.  Finally, police in Cleveland have decided not to press animal cruelty charges against a high school student who skinned and cooked a guinea pig and rabbit that he purchased from a local pet store.  An important fact in their decision not to prosecute was that the young man killed the animals for a cooking class, and the students and teacher dined on the would-be pets afterward (the fact that they ate the animals meant the killings were not "unnecessary" under the cruelty statute, according to police).  [Mark Godsey]  I've got to add: The only difference between a chicken, pig or cow and some animal that some consider horrible to eat is a highly culturally contingent sense of cuteness or appropriateness. Many Americans eat rabbit and squirrel, and guinea pig is a common food in South America.  (For the record, I only eat tofu, made from beans that died of natural causes.) [Jack Chin]

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