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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Center Spotlight: U. Miss National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law

This is the first in what will be a continuing series of posts on criminal law centers, programs and institutes at law schools.  If you would like your center profiled, please let us know. [Jack Chin]

University of Mississippi School of Law / P.O. Box 1848 / University, Mississippi 38677-1848 / Phone: 662-915-6897 / Fax: 662-915-6842 / E-mail:

THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, SCHOOL OF LAW, established the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law within the law school in 2000. Its first permanent director, Thomas K. Clancy, assumed his position as Director and Visiting Professor on August 1, 2001. For additional information about the Center, see It has five programs:

Fourth Amendment Initiative

Research and education focused on Fourth Amendment principles are a main focus of the Center. It has partnered with the National Judicial College, located in Reno, NV, to create the only national training program for state trial and appellate judges in search and seizure principles. The Center, through its partnership with NAAG, offers training in search and seizure of computers to state attorney generals’ offices. It also holds an annual Fourth Amendment Symposium and sponsors the James Otis Lectures, both of which are published in the Mississippi Law Journal, to increases awareness of Fourth Amendment principles.

National Programs Initiative

The Center associates with other national organizations and with state-wide agencies to create training programs and model projects to facilitate the prosecution of persons engaged in computer-related crime. In partnership with the National Association of Attorneys’ General (NAAG), the Center has an on-going training program for Attorney Generals’ Offices from all 50 States. Working with prosecution-related agencies in numerous states, including California, Indiana, Mississippi, and Texas, the Center develops standards and model approaches for state governments to improve their ability to prosecute cybercrime. These projects are unique and address concerns of national interest.

Prosecution Externship Program

The Prosecutorial Externship Program provides specialized course-work and real-world training for law students in the duties and responsibilities of prosecutors. It has also established a model training program, to be published in the Mississippi Law Journal in 2005, for law students to prepare for careers as prosecutors.

Criminal Appeals Program

The Criminal Appeals Program trains law students in the art of appellate advocacy, through representation on appeal of persons convicted of crimes. It is developing a model criminal appeals training program, to be published in the Mississippi Law Journal in 2005-06, and provides continued legal education courses for attorneys in appellate advocacy.

Special Projects

Summary: Provides support for selected projects that promote the concepts of justice and the rule of law. Details: The Center provides support for several projects, including, under grants from the Department of Justice, serving as public relations and analytical consultant to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Mississippi for the Project Safe Neighborhoods anti-crime program.

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