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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Indiana: Fetal Drug Delivery Bill

Ind Two Indiana legislators plan to introduce a bill criminalizing mothers who take drugs and thereby deliver them to their fetuses.  Under current law, infants born with drugs in their system can be removed, but no criminal charges are possible. [Jack Chin]

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Funny... when my wife was pregnant, the doctors told her that she could have narcotic pain relief medication (had she so chosen) because it hadn't been shown harmful to the fetus - Tylenol, though, was strictly limited. (They'll even give a mother in labor a shot of morphine.) Granted, prolonged use can bring about NAS, but... that can even happen to mothers on prescription medications like Vicodin. (Not everybody with a chronic pain condition, unfortunately, can foresake pain management while pregnant.)

You want to talk "harm to fetus", let's talk about fetal alcohol syndrome. Not even "crack babies" have that type of long-term physiological damage.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:
Crack Babies:

Posted by: Aaron | Dec 12, 2004 6:46:57 PM