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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Homicide Based on Unfenced Cows

Montana A Montana rancher who habitually failed to secure his cattle was charged with manslaughter after a cow wandered on to a highway and was hit by a car, killing the driver.  The rancher had been cited dozens of times for failing to fence his livestock. The victim was travelling on an unlighted highway at night and hit the black cow.  The Billings Gazette reported: "According to the warrant, [Defendant] Kunzler once told two UHP troopers "words to the effect, 'I don't care if my cows are hit by cars. I make more money claiming them on my insurance than selling them at the auction."'"  Meanwhile, the owners of three dogs in Arizona face second degree murder charges after the animals attacked and killed a five year old girl; the owners had been cited earlier in the month when the animals attacked another dog.  [Jack Chin]

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