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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Exoneration Roundup

Cuffs_6 Two Illinois men pleaded guilty to a 1986 murder of a medical student; four teenagers had been imprisoned for the killing before being cleared by DNA.  A Rollins College student who claimed she had been raped admitted that the story was fabricated and could soon face charges.  Texan Brandon Moon, 43, was cleared by DNA after serving 17 years for rape, another Barry Scheck exoneration; the El Paso DA formally apologized.  Moon, a veteran, had been a college student in ROTC at UTEP when he was misidentified. Two California men exonerated after serving 14 years for murder were denied compensation by a California board; although the prosecutor concluded they were innocent, the men could not rule out the possibility that they were involved.  In a strange episode, a New York Police Officer's claim that she was raped by two men led to no charges being filed against them as they reportedly produced a videotape showing that the sex was consensual; no charges were brought against the officer, although it was suggested that she seek counselling.  A Palo Alto man, Jorge Hernandez, who confessed to a nursing home rape after being told he was caught on videotape but was later cleared by DNA evidence, settled a federal lawsuit against the city for $75,000. A Florida judge who overturned a double murder and sodomy conviction based on concealment of exculpatory evidence has nevertheless ordered that the defendant remain in prison while the state appeals. A Virginia woman was convicted of filing a false rape report and sentenced to community service.  [Jack Chin]

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