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Thursday, December 2, 2004

Amnesty International Seeks Taser Suspension

TaserOn Tuesday November 30, Amnesty International requested suspended use of tasers by U.S. law enforcement officers, as well as an independent inquiry into the electric-shock weapons.  The 50,000 volt shock caused by the weapon causes people contacted by the shock to lose control of their muscles.  The device is supposed to be used as an alternative to deadly force, but according to Amnesty International, tasers have contributed to more than 70 deaths over the past four years (in U.S. and Canada combined) and have been used by U.S. law enforcement officers on unarmed people against whom the use of lethal force would never be justified.  Amnesty International also reports that the devices have been used against children under the age of 16, the mentally ill, and the elderly.  More... [Mark Godsey]

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I hardly see why anyone would credit the offices of Amnesty International after they themselves participated in TORTURE and RAPE over Lennon murder papers planted on my home for which I was maliciously blamed by their offices.

I am a poet. I won the Pennsylvania Governor's School Scholarship for Poetry in 1978 and once placed Second in a Seattle Poetry Slam. My father, deceased, was the author of "Humanizing the School" (dedicated to Dr. King), in 1968, and "America's Stake in Human Rights" in 1949.

When I reported child abduction and torture to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Peter Gabriel attacked me ferociously and executed the rape of my retarded deaf girlfriend. I am deaf from my injuries a fact about which Gabriel mocked me.

Gabriel is a man who is extremely violent, but who has the cloak of his arrangements with Amnesty International. He has stalked, shatteringly molested me and held me prisoner to his terror for 20 years.

Pittsburgh had become very grave due to unprovoked, brutal gang violence towards me, which left me neurologically incapacitated and permanently deaf. I was isolated, and in a desperate attempt to get help and understanding, I made the very grave mistake of believing Peter Gabriel when he said that he was in Amnesty International. I named names.

Gabriel attacked me, with so much cruelty and beastiality that I was driven from my home. I had seizures when he preyed upon neuroplastic head trauma impacted in prior crime. He arrived to help advance the criminals and was remorseless in his beastiality and rampage.

Posted by: Mac Crary | Aug 21, 2005 2:07:45 PM

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