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Monday, December 13, 2004

Accused Killer of Six White Hunters in Wisconsin May Rely on "Cultural Defense"

Immigrant_hunter_killerThe National Law Journal reports that a Southeast Asian immigrant charged with killing six white hunters in Wisconsin comes from an insular Minnesota community of 27,000 Laotians known as Hmongs that has often clashed with the surrounding St. Paul population.  That, along with the defendant's allegations that the hunters used racial slurs when they ordered him off their property in the Nov. 20 hunting incident, could provide possible grounds for a "cultural defense" strategy, defense lawyers say.  More....  [Mark Godsey]

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the cultural defense is a bunch of bull. if we allow that then we give imigrants the right to violate our rights by tresspassing on our property and killing us. to be perfectly honest a killer is a killer no matter where he is or where he goes. I'm sure if they check his background they will find he probably was a killer where he came from.

Posted by: bob | Aug 2, 2005 7:55:31 AM

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