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Friday, November 12, 2004

New Book By Economist Analyzes Costs Of Drug Prohibition

Jeffrey A. Miron, economist at Boston University, has published a new book with the Independent Institute titled DRUG WAR CRIMES:  THE CONSEQUENCES OF PROHIBITION.  The abstract of the book states:

"Many people believe that the huge cost of drug prohibition is an acceptable price to pay for its purported benefits—reduced drug use and associated health problems, fewer traffic and industrial accidents, and less crime and poverty. According to economist Jeffrey A. Miron, however, most of the ills typically attributed to drug consumption are due not to drugs per se but to drug prohibition. In Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition, Miron shows that prohibition increases violence, creates new health risks for drug users, enriches criminals, and diminishing our civil liberties. Prohibition, he forcefully argues, is a poor method of reducing drug use and an inappropriate goal for government policy."

For more information on this new book, click here.

Mark Godsey

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