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Friday, November 19, 2004

Mistaken Release of Prisoners

Prisonbreak005 A Florida prosecutor resigned after failing to meet a deadline to keep an aresstee in custody; the criminal was released and allegedly raped and kidnapped an additional victim; there was another erroneous release in Florida last month.  In Scotland, a private security agency contracted to escort prisoners erroneously released a number of inmates. (There are also reports of prisoners in Scotland being kept in custody for longer than their sentences, so apparently it averages out).  The Cumberland, County, North Carolina lockup has reportedly released the wrong person five times in the past year; Idaho also let someone out early. This occurs even in places where one might imagine the most stringent steps are being taken; Last year, CENTCOM accidentally released a suspected murder from a Baghdad facility; a suspect in the Madrid train bombing had been mistakenly released in 2002. Jack Chin

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