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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Effort In California to Amend "Three Strikes" Law Fails

California's Proposition 66, which would have amended California's controversial "three strikes" law, was defeated by a margin of 53% against and 47% for. Proposition 66 would have: (1) increased sentences only when the current conviction is for a specified "violent or serious offense"; (2) redefined "violent or serious offense"; and (3) changed the law such that only convictions for violent or serious offenses, brought and tried separately, would qualify as the second or third strikes. For Professor Doug Berman's ruminations on what the "strong" election night for the Republicans might mean for criminal justice policy, check out his blog by clicking here.

Mark Godsey

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Some good comments on the three strikes law from a California PD here (

As as a soon to be UC 1L keep up the good work, I'll be reading :)


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