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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New in Print

Pile of Books Lisa  Tripp & Evan R. Hanson. AT&T v. Concepcion: The Problem of a False Majority, 23 Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 1 (2013)

Adrian Roberto Villagomez Aleman, Book note (Reviewing Margaret L. Moses, The Principles and Practice of International Arbitration, 2nd ed.) 31 Berkeley J. Int'l L. 461 (2013)


 Jack Graves, Learning Contracts (West 2014)

Learning Contracts relies on more than appellate opinions to teach students the law. Structured presentations, detailed explanations, illustrative examples, and helpful summaries provide for more efficient learning and understanding of basic doctrine in advance of class, thus facilitating a “flipped-classroom" approach. With this approach, much more of your valuable class time can be spent on problems—both those included at the end of each lesson for preparation by students before class and others provided in teaching materials for “real time” problem solving during class. This new book provides substantial coverage of common law, UCC Article 2, and the CISG (using a “comparative” approach) and can reasonably be completed in a 4 credit hour course, or liberally supplemented with skills-building exercises for a 5 or 6 credit hour course.

David G. Epstein, Bruce Markell & Lawrence Ponoroff, Cases and Materials on Contracts: Making and Doing Deals (West 2014)

Making and Doing Deals is a book that your students will learn from long after they graduate. It is also a book that should be fun for you to teach from.  It’s a book that students will enjoy, and, therefore, a book that they will read.  Since the First Edition, students have been reading Making and Doing Deals because the cases, problems, and text not only help them learn what they need to know as first-year law students, but also address the real-world problems and situations they will encounter after their final exam.

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