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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Giant Pizza Challenge [File this in: Unilateral Contracts]

ImgresRunning out of examples of offers to enter into a unilateral contract?  This story from California comes just in time and, like all good ideas, it was inspired by television:

A pizza parlor specializing in take-out business is offering a special challenge to any two people who choose to eat in the dining room: A check for $2,500 if they can finish a giant pizza in less than an hour.

"I call it Da Big Kahuna," said Glenn Takeda, owner of 8 Buck Pizza, whose $60 extra, extra, extra large pizza is 30 inches in diameter and weighs 15 pounds.

The 8.5 lbs of dough is covered with 3.5 lbs of cheese and a choice of any three toppings, one of which must be meat.

Takeda got the idea for Da Big Kahuna challenge in January from watching other food-eating contests on TV.

He initially offered $100 cash per person plus a year's worth of free pizza, but got no takers.

Contestants started lining up when Takeda boosted the prize to $2,500. So far, 15 teams have taken -- and failed -- the challenge.

Among those who have left the table without finishing Da Big Kahuna is well-known competitive eater Naader Reda, who drove more than 400 miles from his home in Joshua Tree Wednesday to tackle the monster pizza with eating partner John Rivera.

"John and I make a great team, but that day, the 15-pound Big Kahuna was too much," Reda tweeted to News10. "It is a very tough opponent."

Reda was equally gracious in his review of the pizza's quality.

"It was the thickest, doughiest pizza I've ever encountered. It was also one of the two or three most delicious pies I've sampled," he wrote.

Takeda said Reda and Rivera came as close as anyone to finishing Da Big Kahuna, and admits he was preparing to part with $2,500.

"I swear I thought they were going to do it," he said.

At the end of the hour, the pair left with enough pizza to fill a 14-inch takeout box.

Based on Wednesday's close call, Takeda knows it's only a matter of time before he's forced to write the check.

"I'm sure somebody will surface," he said.

Not a bad marketing strategy.  So long as Takeda sells about 42 of these $60 pizzas, he's got the $2500 prize covered.... and he's already half way there.  Though, that assumes a 100% profit margin.  We can call his cost per pizza "advertising" - and at a really good price given that his business is already all over the Internets.

[Update: I thought more about this and perhaps it isn't a unilateral contract but, rather, a bilateral contract with a condition.  Customer pays $60 in exchange for a large pizza and the opportunity to win the $2500. The condition precedent to winning the $2500 is eating the whole pizza in an hour.  If the customer did not have to pay for the pizza, then it looks more like a unilateral contract.]

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I would give this a like if I could

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Apr 6, 2014 3:37:10 PM

8.5 pounds of dough; 3.5 pounds of cheese. Do they have paramedics standing by? People who accept this challenge really ought to disclose it to their insurers.

Posted by: Jeremy Telman | Apr 7, 2014 8:02:50 AM

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