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Thursday, November 28, 2013

New in Print: Premiere Thanksgivikah Edition

ThanksgivingTheodoros Chiou, On Royalties and Transfers without (Monetary) Consideration -- Looking for the "Magic Formula" for Assessing the Validity of Renumeration Clauses of Copyright Transfers under French Copyright Law. 44 IIC: Int'l Rev. Intell. Prop. & Competition L. 585 (2013)

Wendy Netter Epstein, Contract Theory and the Failures of Public-Private Contracting, 34 Cardozo L. Rev. 2211 (2013)

Louise Longdin & Phen Hoon Lim, Inexhaustible Distribution Rights for Copyright Owners and the  Foreclosure of Secondary Markets for Used Software, 44 IIC: Int'l Rev. Intell. Prop. & Competition L. 541 (2013)

ChanukiahMichael Pressman, The Two-Contract Approach to Liquidated Damages: A New Framework for Exploring the Penalty Clause Debate, 7 Va. L. & Bus. Rev. 651 (2013)

Thomas J. Lilly, Jr. Participation in Litigation as a Waiver of the Contractual Right to Arbitrate: Toward a unified Theory. 92 Neb. L. Rev. 86 (2013)

Andrea M. Matwyshyn, The Law of the Zebra. 28 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 155-225 (2013)

Debra Pogrund Stark, Jessica M. Choplin & Eileen Linnabery, Dysfunctional Contracts and the Laws and Practices that Enable Them: An Empirical Analysis. 46 Ind. L. Rev. 797-847 (2013) [and check out Kenneth Ching's review of this article here]

George G. Triantis, Improving Contract Quality: Modularity, Technology, and Innovation in Contract Design. 18 Stan. J.L. Bus. & Fin. 177 (2013)

William Wood, It Wasn't an Accident: The Tribal Sovereign Immunity Story, 62 Am. U. L. Rev. 1587 (2013)


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