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Monday, October 28, 2013

Contracts Blawg Roundup

The Essence of a Blawger
Here is a collection of recent posts on other law blogs (blawgs) about contracts:

Concurring Opinions' Larry Cunningham on The Responsibility of Autonomy: More on Berkshire and Benjamin Moore

Prawfsblawg's Sarah Lawsky on Law Review Publication Agreements

Balkinization's Frank Pasquale on Private Prison Problems (and the Scholars Who Warned Us)

The Conglomerate's David Zaring, If Treasury Prioritizes Debt Repayments After Reaching The Debt Ceiling, Can Anyone Sue?

In addition, there's been a lot of traffic on the state of law reviews, a topic we have written about here and here.  Here's a sampling:

Concurring Opinions Daniel Solove, In Defense of Law Reviews

Prawfsblawg's Paul Horowitz, Wheat, Chaff, and Law Reviews

Prawfsblawg's Howard Wasserman on Courts and Law Reviews

Prawfsblawg's Jack Chin, Getting Law Review Fans Out of the Closet: Liptak on Jacobs and Waxman

Prawfsblawg's Matt Bodie, Et Tu, Adam? The Lazy Critiques of Law Reviews Continue

The Faculty Lounge's Jeff Redding, Reforming Faculty/Student Norms vis-à-vis U.S. Law Reviews


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