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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Apparently You Can Return Goods at Neiman Marcus for Spite!

Jerry_Seinfeld_(1997)The ever-vigilant Miriam Cherry has turned up another news item for our amusement.  We have had reason to comment previously on the Seinfeld episode in which the character "Jerry Seinfeld," played by Jerry Seinfeld (pictured), tries to return a jacket "for spite," explaining that he didn't care for the salesman who sold it to him.  But our previous post was a stretch compared to this story from Slate, which is spot on.

According to the report, Patricia Walker sought to return $1.4 million worth of merchandise allegedly purchased at the store by Ms. Walker's now-ex-husband.  She alleged that her ex was having an affair with the Neiman Marcus salesperson who sold him the mercandise and that this other woman earned significant commissions from the sales.  In seeking to return the goods, Ms. Walker cited spite and Neiman Marcus's generous return policy.  When the company balked, she sued and won a settlement, according to Slate.

A gloriously detailed account of the litigation can be found on the Dallas News website here.


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