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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New in Print, Including Three (Count 'em!) New Books from Larry DiMatteo

DimatteoLarry DiMatteo, of the University of Florida's Levin College of Law, has three new books to crow about:

Global Challenge of International Sales Law
Larry A. DiMatteo, Editor
Cambridge University Press 2013


Camilla Andersen           Franco Ferrari             Ingeborg Schwenzer               Lisa Spagnolo

Bruno Zeller                    Ulrich Magnus              Harry M. Flechtner                 Stefan Kröll

Jan Ramberg                   Burghard Piltz             Vikki Rogers                            Pilar Perales Viscasillas

Ulrich Schroeter              Wolfgang Faber          Sieg Eiselen                           Jan Smits

Ole Lando                        Sonja Kruisinga           Petra Butler                            Corinne Widmer Lüchinger Hossam

El-Saghir                           Milena Djordjević       Tidas Kilmas                          Javier Solana Álvarez 

Luca Castellani                André Janssen            Matthias Spilker                   Marie Stefanini Newman 

Morton Fogt                       Aneta Spaic                 Martin Davies                       Sylvaine –Peruzzetto

Sörren Kiene                    Edoardo Ferrante        Francesco Mazzotta              Vladimir Pavić

Yehuda Adar                    Marco Torsello           Olaf Meyer                             Qi Zhou

Helena Haapio                 Claire Germain           Li Wei                                      Larry DiMatteo


Commercial Contract Law:  Transatlantic Perspectives
Larry A. DiMatteo, Qi Zhou & Séverine Saintier, Editors
Cambridge University Press 2013


Roger Brownsword              David Campbell          Roger Halson              Hector MacQueen

Jean Braucher                    Chuck Knapp              Juliet Kostritsky           Peter Alces

Martin Hogg                       Djakhongir Saidov      Mel Kenny                   Richard Austen-Baker

T.T. Arvind                           Curtis Bridgeman       Tom Joo                      Nancy Kim

Zoe Ollerenshaw                James Devenney         David Capper             Larry A. DiMatteo

Séverine Saintier                 Qi Zhou


International Contr
acting:  Law & Practice
Third Edition
Larry A. DiMatteo, Author
Wolters/Kluwer 2013

In addition, we have the following new articles out in print:

Pile of BooksGeorge A. Bermann, Arbitration in the Roberts Supreme Court, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 893 (2012)

Bernardo M. Cremades, Good Faith in International Arbitration. 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 761 (2012)

Yves Derains, The Arbitrator's Deliberation, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 911 (2012)

Juan Fernandez-Armesto, Salient Issues of International Arbitration, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 721 (2012)

Paul Friedland and Paul Brumpton, Rabid Redux: The Second Wave of Abusive ICSID Annulments, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 727 (2012)

Judge Dominique Hascher, Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators: 3 Issues, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 789 (2012)

Pierre Mayer, The Extension of the Arbitration Clause to Non-Signatories -- The Irreconcilable Positions of French and English Courts, 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 831 (2012) 

William W. Park, The Politics of Class Action Arbitration: Jurisdictional Legitimacy and Vindication of Contract Rights. 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 837 (2012) 

Anjanette H. Raymond, It Is Time the Law Begins to Protect Consumers from Significantly One-Sided Arbitration Clauses within Contracts of Adhesion, 91 Neb. L. Rev. 666 (2013)

Jingzhou Tao, Salient Issues in Arbitration in China. 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 807 (2012)

Todd Weiler, Heather Bray and Devin Bray, Are United States courts receptive to international arbitration? 27 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 869 (2012)


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